Safety and Sustainability

Safety for Company Staff, families and Customers, and a concern for a Sustainable Method are important efforts of our Company, and SCI participates in a variety of programs in order to maintain an approach to Safety and Sustainability we all benefit from.

The SCI Safety Plan and Policy was implemented in order to provide every Employee with a safe and healthy workplace. The Policy details the procedures used to prevent occupational injuries and illnesses, in compliance and support of the State of New Mexico Occupational Health and Safety Bureau, and the U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

New Mexico Safe Certified has mirrored guidance from the Centers for Disease Control in support of COVID-Safe Practices. SCI is proud to be trained, certified, and associated with other New Mexico businesses who support the State of New Mexico Public Health Order, furthering safe practices and ongoing care for everyone.

The ISNetworld Platform collects, reviews, verifies, and monitors our Company health and safety information, under the ISN Contractor Management Platform. This relationship supports the ongoing efforts taken as we continually try to be better, and taking care of our Company and our Customers.

SCI sustainability efforts are continually evolving, with our programs that include Integrated Design Models, Reduced Energy Usage, Eco-friendly Materials, Low Impact Inventory, Reduced Waste and Recycling.