Location, Location, Location

With an abundance of sunshine, a deep crew base, vast and diverse locations, close proximity to Los Angeles, and a highly competitive Tax Rebate Incentive Program, Albuquerque is an inspired and smart choice for your film/TV project.

Film and TV in Albuquerque has become an important part of the creative economy providing high-paying creative and technical jobs and indirectly benefiting other industries and businesses in Albuquerque.

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We’re happy you’re here!

Film Friendly City

We pride ourselves on having open doors, open hearts, and a whole lot of hustle. In Albuquerque, you will find diversity, creativity, sustainability, and mutual respect as we work together to create entertaining and inspiring productions.

Diverse Locations and Backdrops

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Albuquerque Filming Location Portfolio

While many locations are listed on this site, unless the property is owned and/or operated by the City of Albuquerque, the Albuquerque Film Office is unable to guarantee information, contact, or leasing of the property for filming purposes. All property decisions are at the discretion of the property owner.