Engineering, Design & Consulting

SCI provides engineering, design and consulting services that apply to the development of electronic security systems and their applications. Customer’s needs and expectations are assessed, site and document surveys are performed, the impact of various systems on operations, sites and personnel are analyzed in order to validate the capabilities of a potential system operation.

SCI services may begin with a design/build partnership and/or various scope deliverables that include project management, installation supervision, project specifications, bill of materials, system drawings, budgetary pricing, test plan preparation, bid document preparation, bid response evaluation and review, project coordination, and system acceptance.

SCI addresses the milestones and tasks that meet the specified requirement of the final order, and our Design Team is responsible for ensuring that a system design is furnished and complete. This includes providing specifications and descriptions of functionality, verification that proposed equipment, devices and software are adequate for the intended purpose, and performing a layout to ensure that adequate information is available for.